Phil@Filament with Krate Digga and Dre Peace

The Vanderelli Room, 218 McDowell Street, Columbus

Phil@Filament welcomes back Filament veterans Krate Digga and Dre Peace. Together. Full frontal improv without a net. If you know them at all you’ll know why you have to be there. Come dig it.

Phil at Filament

Each Wednesday 7-8 at Filament in The Vanderelli Room join Phil Maneri and an ever changing palette of guests for explorations in musical improvisation.

Every week the cast of players and instruments will change, only Phil and the room remain consistent. Nothing is rehearsed or preplanned. The only structure is the clock which runs just an hour from 7-8 broken up every 10 or 15 minutes to allow conversation with the attendees.

This is not a jam session, the ensemble is selected intentionally. We highly encourage conversation with the ensemble in the pauses between musical sections for questions, reflection, criticism, challenges or other responses. In those pauses your questions help you gain insight into the artists point of view, process, intentions, and even their history as performers including what motivates them in their art.

Pay as you can at the door. $5-$10 suggested if possible, but we'd rather you come than avoid for lack of funds.